Facitize Junior: India’s First-Ever Face Shield Gel for your child (3-13 Yrs.), 50ml

Facitize Junior: India’s First-Ever Face Shield Gel for your child (3-13 Yrs.), 50ml
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RxSAFE Facitize Junior is the face sanitizer gel for kids that protects them, with care. Your child's face is exposed to the risk of germs and viruses all day long. Face sanitizing wipes and disinfectant sprays can be too harsh for your child's delicate skin. Facitize face shield gel is an alcohol-free sanitizer, perfect for your child's face, that can keep their face protected for up to 6 hours. Gentle and filled with the goodness of Vitamin E and C, it is suitable for all skin types. Facitize Junior face shield gel contains 4 essential oils which keeps your child's face fresh, moisturized and sanitized while acting as a natural mosquito repellent and comes in refreshing orange fragrance. It offers a complete and all-round protection from germs and viruses whether your child is indoors or outdoors. RxSAFE Facitize Junior is your smart upgrade for a safer lifestyle.

INSTANT AND LONG-LASTING PROTECTION FOR THE FACE - Facitize Junior creates a shield around your child's face, giving them up to 6 hours protection from germs and viruses and bacteria.

ON-THE-GO SAFETY - No need for soap or water. This face sanitizer gel is ideal for hospitals, schools, offices, gyms, and other everyday places.

NO ALCOHOL FORMULA - Facitize Junior has 0% alcohol content and does not irritate or harm your child's skin in any way.

GOODNESS OF ESSENTIAL OILS – Facitize Junior contains the goodness of 4 essential oils which sanitizes your child's face while keeping it moisturized and hydrated.

SAFE ON ALL TYPES OF SKIN - Made of natural and organic ingredients, Facitize Junior is completely safe for all types of skin.

STAY FRESH, STAY SAFE - Facitize Junior has moisturizing capabilities that will keep your child's skin hydrated, fresh and safe. Facitize Junior by RxSAFE is your smart upgrade for a safer lifestyle.

HOW TO USE: - Pour few drops on your palms, spread evenly across both palms, and rub gently on your child's face. Use Facitize before your child wears a mask for complete protection.

SKIN TYPE/HAIR TYPE: - Suitable for all skin types

INGREDIENTS: - 0% Alcohol Content, 100% Natural and Organic, made with the Goodness of 5 Essentials Oils along with Refreshing Orange Fragrance

SHELF LIFE: - 18 months

STORAGE CONDITIONS: - Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and heat

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