Raptor EPS Jacket

Raptor EPS Jacket
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Zeus Raptor has been the choice of thousands of riders considering it’s style. comfort, clean looks safety. The new upgraded version, we call it as Raptor EPS (External Protection System) is now a fully CE Certified Garment along with CE Certified Zeus Level 2 armors. With its fantastic fit, highlighted collar, the Raptor EPS is a rugged, all season jacket with monstrous air flow. With it’s detachable and removable wind / rain liner, the Zeus Raptor EPS is the only CE Certified riding jacket with a pocket friendly price.


Technical specifications

  • a+ ballistic cordura with ce certification 
  • all season performer with detachable rain liner and thermalite© winter liner
  • 3d mesh construction for allowing smooth air ventilation and works seamlessly in the hottest conditions.
  • original ykk zipper on all exterior and interior pockets
  • ce certified exclusive zeus l2 protection on shoulders, elbow and back with a limited 5-year warranty
  • low profile external shoulder sliders
  • ce level 2 armour on shoulder, elbow and back
  • adjustable velcro/push button straps on waist, wrist and arms
  • hi-viz night reflection for safe riding
  • 8 inch connection zipper to riding pant
  • external slit pockets, 1 internal pocket dedicated for cell phone, one storage pocket and a chest pocket

CE Certified Protection

not only the protectors are ce certified but the whole jacket is now ce certified. zeus takes this proud moment to become the first indian brand in getting the whole garment tested as per european standards ensuring rider’s safety are not compromised .

official ce license of this product are as follows

  • ce certified jacket as per ce standards. en17092-3: 2020, aa, license no: iec/1144
  • ce certified protection as per ce standards en1621-2- 2014. license no: 4489/90/eec


we at zeus motorcycle gear, take pride in being india’s safest riding gear brand. we are committed to safety, in every way. that is why, while we ensure that our products are up to date with global safety standards, we also strive to create awareness about safety protocols and practices.

our smart jackets define your style statement. they are designed with special care. that’s why it is important that you protect your gear so that it protects you for long.

Do the right: how to maintain your zeus smart riding jacket

  • always hand wash your jacket
  • wash your jacket regularly, especially after your weekend adventure.
  • unlock the loops of your jacket before washing.
  • after unlocking your loops, unzip rain and wind liner by gently pulling them out of the jacket.
  • open the protector pockets of the jacket and remove them from shoulder, elbow and back.
  • soak your jacket for a minimum twenty minutes in the detergent water.
  • rinse the jacket thoroughly by using cold or room temperature water.
  • use colgate or detergent and scrub the stains of your jacket by using a soft bristle brush.
  • for mesh riding jacket: vacuum clean the dirt out of the mesh crevices and seams, using brittle attachment. use a damp cloth to clean the mesh.
  • hang out the riding jacket till it dries completely.

Precautionary tips:

  • remove the liners without unlocking the loops of the jacket.
  • protectors are likely to get damaged if they are not removed before washing the jacket.
  • never machine wash or dry clean.
  • keep your jacket away from sunlight exposure while drying it
  • avoid folding your riding jacket while packing your luggage
  • avoid using perfume on your jacket, it can damage the outer layer
  • pull your zippers and velcro straps gently
  • avoid using hard brush while washing your jacket; it can spoil the fibre and will lower its shelf life.



select your size as per below measurements

SM 33.9-37 29.9-32.7
MD 37.4-39.4 33.1-35
LG 39.8-41.7 35.4-37.4
XL 42.1-44.1 37.8-40.2
2XL 44.5-46.5 40.6-43.3
3XL 46.9-48.8 43.7-46.1
4XL 49.2-51.2 46.5-48.4
5XL 51.6-54.3 48.8-50.8
6XL 54.7-57.5 51.2-53.1

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