Silencer Wrap With Clamp Exhaust Heat Shield

Silencer Wrap With Clamp Exhaust Heat Shield
₹ 360
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Categroy : Biking Accessories
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  • Bike silencer wrap With Clamp,Desinged to be installed with out having to wet roll before instalation. This makes our heat wrap thiner and MUCH more pliable for a tight and secure wrap.
  • Bike Exhaust Heat Shield,Brand new heat wrap. Made of high quality silicate fiber with special coatings to reduce underhood temperatures resulting in cooler air intake for improved performance.
  • Durable, tight woven, and easy heat-shield 3 MTR Length insulation exhaust wrap.This heat wrap is very durable and tight woven, it can handle up to 2200 °F. It is perfect for turbo manifold, exhaust header and downpipe.
  • Special weave to ensure easier wrap around bends the bends of exhaust silencer.
  • Perfect for Motorcycle, Harley Davidson, Yamaha and other Motorcycles exhaust pipes insulation.

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