Sling Side Leather Saddle Bag

Sling Side Leather Saddle Bag
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It is an all-timer leather bag handcrafted to grow old with you. The leather used is making is custom made and is treated to appear more rugged with age. It is handy in size, with dimensions 8 x 10 x 3 Inches. Its inner lining in suede-leather, and no cheap fabrics, plastics, papers are used in making. It is designed to incorporate all riding essentials from glares, gloves, gazettes to wallet or anything else. It has 2 utility zip-pockets on the back-side. On the bike, it's a single sided saddle bag, using leather straps with buckles on back-side. And off the bike it's a sling bag with an adjustable leather shoulder belt.  It holds up to weight of 4 kilograms and capicitate 8 Liters of material. It is available in single color: black with a matte finish.

-Size: 8 X 10 X 3 Inches.
-Color: Black, in matte finish.
-Capacity: 6 Ltrs.

-Custom made leather, and inside in suede leather.
-Imported metal fittings, in nickle coating.
-All straps and belts in thick leather.
-YKK Metal zippers and runners, dull nickle finish.
-Top quality threads and adhesive for stitching & pasting.

-One main compartment with zip pocket, 2 x outside zip pockets on back side of bag.
-Carry as sling, with detachable/adjustable shoulder belt.

-Mount it as saddle, using two leather straps with metal buckles on back side.
-Ear flaps on both sides of bag-mouth and firm locking with single roller buckle strap on flap.
-Rain proof cover to keep bag safe and dry.

-Detachable/ adjustable shoulder belt with 2 x metal hooks.
-Rain proof bag.

-3 years for any manufacturing flaws.

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