The Secret of PASSION

The Secret of PASSION
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Author: - Anil Sonalki

Introduction: You don't need money to make money. But you need ability to make money. With your job / business, you can explore it by knowing your ability, talent, ability. And you can make your mark. Know your passion. and can achieve success. Friends, my name is Anil Solanki. This is my real life story. How I recognized my potential/talent/ability, explored it and achieved success. I started my career at the age of 17 as an office boy. I used to do the work of providing clean tea in the company and work in the bank. Today I am a successful Tarot card reader / Trainer Numerologist, Vastushastri, Reiki Healer, Signature Expert, Name Numerologist, Aura reader, Author and Life Coach. My website is www.worldbestarotreader.com. Knowing the ability / talent / ability and passion by following the system, this system will not teach any school, college, it is real life learning. My passion is tarot card reading which I got because of spirituality. I have explained that system in detail in this book.

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